Under USD10
In a competitive economic environment, every company or organization is striving to gain an advantage. At SZWM, we understand the intense pressure of modern business. Therefore, we are committed to providing our customers with the best quality products at the most competitive prices. Bulk products that can be dispersed at tradeshows, in industrial conferences, in marketing campaigns or as gifts bundled to your products, are always a good medium to leave strong impression of your brand to your customers or to promote your business to new clients. These items cost little to customize, but can have a massive spread as they’re carried away, tucked into pockets and bags, reminding the carrier of your company and introducing it to new people.
In this category, you will find promotional products and hotel supplies that are under USD10. Hand-picked by our experts, based on decades of customization experience, proven by time and positive customer feedback, we are confident that our products and service will ensure you the maximum advertising effect and the best quality within your budget. From plush toys to stress relivers, from pens to golf umbrellas, with our wide range, we have classic and trendy marketing products to suit every business.
Giveaways are guaranteed to always leave a smile on your recipients’ face, when printed with your logo or advertising message. Plush toys and novelties promote your brand in a fun way, if you are trying to attract younger audience or simply adding a whole new dimension to your brand’s image, such as Teddy Bear or other stuffed animals. Stress relievers and executive toys make perfect table gadgets which frequently grab your clients' attention as a branded corporate gift. Classic promotional merchandise such as branded pens and pencils are your best bet if you want to maximize your brand’s exposure while staying within your budget.
Hotel Supplies as one of our signatory portfolios, provides you various options for your hotel daily operation. Golf umbrellas in the lobby protect your guests from the rain; Ball pens are equipped in conference rooms as standard; Artificial leather notepad and service guide folders as well as laundry bag and wooden coat hangers are all customizable to add touch of luxury to match what your hotel is known for. Disposable disinfectant wet towel in the hotel restaurants to ensure health of hotel guests.
We have an entire collection of hotel supplies under USD10, which makes sure your needs for every corner of the hotel is fulfilled.
At SZWM, every product can be custom made to your specifications, to boost your brand exposure. We could also custom based on your sample.
Order in bulk to enjoy more savings. Contact us for more details.