Leather Goods
Leather goods and bags are common products in people's daily life and work. They are also important directions for the selection of various gifts and hotel supplies. They often fit well with the main purpose of marketing project promotion and satisfy practical applications. People love it more because it can represent classics and fashion well, and can stand the test of time. Through the design and production of professionals, simplicity and luxury can be freely displayed without any hesitation. The market loves leather goods and bags everywhere.

Fortunately, GiftSZWM is also working in this field and has the opportunity to provide customized services to our customers to solve their various needs such as commercial public relations activities, marketing advertising activities, seminars, company dinners and so on.

GiftSZWM provides professional custom production and processing of small leather goods, simple bags and leather boxes

Small leather goods include:

Luggage tags, coin purses, wallets, business card cases, key cases, card cases, zipper cases, air ticket holders, passport holders, document holders, folders, notebooks, pen bags, cigar cases, Photo albums, certificates, keychains, etc.

Bag products include:

Men's and women's handbags, cosmetic bags, briefcases, computer bags, waist bags, arm bags, passport bags, storage bags, shopping bags, handbags, beam gift bags, laundry bags, jewelry bags, sports drawstring bags, Travel bags and more.

Leather box products include:

Leather household items: gift basket, wine rack, magazine basket, trash can, tissue box, umbrella bucket, storage box, storage box, remote control storage box, etc.

Leather packaging box: cosmetic packaging box, wine box, cosmetic box, jewelry box, watch box, storage box, leather case, leather case, etc. in the fields of digital, electronics, medical, communication and so on.

Leather office stationery: high-end desktop leather office set, photo frame, photo album, business card book, folder, memo box, writing pad, pen holder, desktop debris storage box, table mat, document tray, shelf, business card box, stationery box, information Box, file holder, desk filing cabinet, imitation leather coaster, imitation Leather advertising display stand, leather pen case, etc.

Leather hotel supplies: hotel wallet, note holder, wine folder, cash register, song book, tissue box, toothpick box, leather ice bucket seat, imitation leather trash can, guest room cleaning basket, shoe basket, remote control holder , Trays, tea boxes, and other guest room supplies and lobby supplies.

GiftSZWM provides customized fine leather goods and accessories in China, with diverse materials, complete specifications, prompt delivery, stable quality, and thoughtful service.

Here, GiftSZWM only shows some products for the time being, welcome customers to sample or map or put forward ideas to us, so that we have the opportunity to discuss and advance your plan.


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