Customizable Leather Box for Every Business Need
SZWM Company manufactures classy customizable leather gift boxes and packaging in bulk for any business. Find the perfect leather box that you can customize and wholesale to a restaurant, hotel or resort, office, and more. We offer a wide array of gift packaging that is ready to be customized with your brand.


Choose from a number of high-quality leather box designs. We offer leather wine boxes perfect for wineries and elite restaurants. We have leather jewelry boxes for the finest of jewelry. We offer leather makeup boxes for any and every makeup brand that wants to increase the value of their product. We also have leather watch boxes that will be a great fit for any individual, home, or store. Impress your clients and customers with your customized high-end leather boxes.


Not only do we have a large selection of types of leather boxes, but these boxes all vary in both look and material. Our leather gift boxes range from using genuine leather to faux leather. These leather boxes can also have a classy-look or a more modern-look. No matter the look or the material, all of the leather boxes manufactured are of the highest quality. Click here for more leather box.


The sky is the limit when it comes to customizing your leather box. Put the business logo, hotel brand, or school emblem, that you need on any product found in our catalog. We can customize the logo or brand with any type of material, ink, threading, you name it. Provide us with your design or talk to our consulting team for a specific design, and we can ensure that you get the product that you had in your vision.


In addition to the leather box, we offer a wide variety of customizable products for wholesalers, purchasing managers, and distributors. We focus on producing promotional gifts, hotel supplies, leather goods, business gifts, and gift packaging. Every single one of these items can be customized with the brand and logo of your desire. Our selection is ever-growing, so don't miss out on what we offer by clicking here.


We have developed a manufacturing company base that offers high-quality, durable products for whatever business need. We have been operating since 2003 and have developed a manufacturing company that can keep up with the demand and quality of customized items. Our team is intent on overseeing the production and design of products to ensure the highest of quality items.


SZWM Company has some of the best customer service. Our customer service teams is very responsive and kind when it comes to working with our clients. We are happy and willing to address any questions or concerns that any customer or future customer may have. We are very transparent with our clients and customers so that everyone can understand the process of customization and the final product that you will be receiving.

Impress your clients and customers with your very own customizable leather gift boxes. Bookmark our website and order from SZWM Company for all of your customizing needs. We look forward to working with you!


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