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Our Commitment

We strive to deliver a level of service that exceeds the expectations of our customers. 
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Quality assurance and compliance

SZWM abides by its commitment to quality assurance and compliance. The company has dedicated personnel engaged in product procurement, quality assurance / control and compliance testing.

At SZWM, we attach importance to total quality management, strive to implement compliance procedures, and fully implement:
Factory compliance management
Product quality management
Production quality management
Quality improvement management

We conduct technical basis audits on all factories in accordance with the ISO9001 framework. Conduct social compliance audits in accordance with SA8000 standards to ensure a solid foundation for production and supply.

SZWM strives to strengthen its awareness of social responsibility, avoid legal risks, maintain social ethics, and promote this concept of responsibility to the factory. With a cooperative attitude and continuous improvement, it promotes the factory to meet the requirements of social responsibility and provide customers with more gifts of high quality standards and in compliance with various regulations ultimately achieve the company's sustainable and healthy development.

Over the years, we have implemented our own and factory ’s compliance with social and environmental responsibility in accordance with quality control standards and compliance guidelines to avoid product quality non-compliance, even unsafety, and whether it is harmful to the environment or employs children to produce It has a negative impact on companies and factories, and the results are basically recognized by customers.