Spread your marketing message into your customers’ and clients’ homes with promotional household gifts from GiftSZWM. Whether you want to appeal to people who spend their time in the kitchen, in the living room or working on the latest home improvement project, we’ve got the perfect promotional household items for you. Associating your brand with the everyday needs of your customers delivers your message in a functional way. Promotional household gifts can help your company increase customer loyalty and acquire new clients.  

Putting your business name or logo on everyday used items brings your brand close to the user on a daily basis. It helps to turn your client’s houses into homes and strengthen your brand awareness or advertising message. Household gifts also remind your clients that your products are there to make their lives easier.

We export household products that are designed for frequent and long-term use so clients will think of you every single day. We offer wide range of household products like custom lunch boxes, coffee mugs; clients will think of you every time they do lunch at work or have coffee in living room. We have huge range of promotional kitchen accessories which can definitely bring ease and style to yours client kitchen, from 
silicone pot holders
to oven g
loves and measuring cups to cutlery set and kitchen apron to pot holders, from oven gloves to table placemats and more. Also check out our collection of our most popular custom printed sofa pillows and chair pads to start working on your next promotional campaign. From the back yard to the kitchen, our promotional household items are exactly what your recipient’s need. We carry a vast selection of customizable household products for any room in your home.

We are specializes in exporting and manufacturing promotional custom household products with more than 10 years of experience. We are fully focused on helping businesses of all sizes gain the greatest amount of attention without doing serious damage to their budgets. Our professional and highly experienced employees are dedicated to customer service and complete order satisfaction. Our customer service staff is highly responsive and professional. We are happily willing to address any queries customer may have. We are very open to help you from ordering to manufacturing and quality assurance to delivery.


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