Gift Packaging
GiftSZWM has been customizing the production of leather boxes, cartons, gift bags and other packaging products for more than ten years.

In order to meet the needs of diversified packaging products of long-term cooperation customers, GiftSZWM has expanded the gift packaging customization business to multiple material packaging products across industries, including cardboard boxes, textile boxes, bags, and plastic and metal products. The main products include gift boxes, digital product storage boxes, wine boxes, cosmetic boxes, perfume boxes, jewelry boxes, watch boxes, chocolate boxes, tin boxes, gift bags, jewelry bags, wine ice bags and so on. GiftSZWM can provide products from the perspective of design, style, and manufacturing process, can be customized ordinary cover box, drawer sliding box, magnetic folding box, cylindrical box, heart-shaped box and hexagonal and other irregular-shaped boxes.

We expect customers to provide styles and designs. At the same time, we can also recommend some design solutions to meet customer requirements in terms of cost, style, fashion, and craftsmanship.

We procure the necessary materials such as paper, fabric, wood, tin, plastic and so on required for our customer's project.

We offer assembly, packaging, fulfillment, distribution, and logistics services customized to the needs of each of our clients.

Our product manufacturing process, pack-out process, and delivery process can be customized to fit customers’ distinct needs.

Our goal is to help customers produce good quality, low cost packaging products, and hope that customers can easily get good products.


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