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Double Head Pull Type Wall Mounted Soap Dispenser in 304 Stainless Steel

Item No.: SH049
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300 Pieces
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30000 Pieces per Month
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Product parameters
Material: ABS + 304 Stainless Steel
Color: White, Red, Black, Silver + Stainless Steel, Dreamy Blue, Lake Green
Size: 216 * 100 * 241MM (L*W*H)
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Quick Details

Product Name: Double Head Pull Type Wall Mounted Soap Dispenser in 304 Stainless Steel Style:
Contemporary and contracted
General Use: Hotel,home,office building,hospital, school,supermarket.Bathroom supplies
Material: ABS+304 Stainless steel Output: 2ml Treatment Process: Painting+polishing
Size: 216*100*241mm (L*W*H) Feature: Foam soap dispenser,double soap dispenser Shape: Cylinder
Model Number: SH049
Silk-screen printing Installation: Wall mounted installation
Capacity: 2*500ml Color: White,red,black,silver+stainless steel, dreamy blue,lake green Packaging: 1pcs/box
Packaging Details:
Standard export carton

Ctn Size: 52*42*54.5cm

Qty: 20 pcs

G.W.: 17.5kg

N.W.: 16.2kg

 • Pull type soap dispenser, it' s adopted human mechanics design and thumb positioning, pull the T-bar to take the liquid easily, it is very convenient and useful.
 • Liquid flow down on palm naturally when pull the T-bar, the extent of pulling can control the output, the volume is about 2ml.
 • The surface of proecss is formed of stainless steel, chrome and spray painting. The perfect match fully show of the royal style, it can satify the demand of high quality for decorative style of different space.
• Stainless steel and ABS material, durable, rustproof and corrosion resistant, look glossy and last for years.
• Adopt advanced coated technology, smooth and bright finish, never fade and easy to scrub and clean.
• Capacity observation port, can observe the rest liquid, so as to replenish it in time.
• Lid lock in the top of the bottle, the inlet of pouring liquid.
• More suds, less clutter, eliminate bottle clutter and keep shampoo and soap within easy reach.
• Easy to install, no drill need.
• 500ml capacity of single bottle, total 1000ml large capacity, can use for a long time.
• Delicate liquid nozzle, allow the liquid flowing, leakproof.
• Left hand thread design, safe and firm, not easy to fall off.
• Applicable scope: It will be the best choice of senior hotel, star hotel, luxury club, beauty salon and household, etc.

Pull Type Wall Mounted Soap Dispenser Features

Wall Mounted Soap Dispenser Color Options

Precautions for use
• When using for the first time, please add clean water to discharge the air in the pump head (specific operation: pull the lever for about 5 seconds before releasing it. After repeating this action 4-5 times, clean water will flow out normally , Then pour out the water and add soap).
• If it is left unused for a period of time, some soap liquid may condense in the soap dispenser. Please stir it with warm water. This will restore the soap liquid to liquid. Pull the lever for about 5 seconds before releasing it. Repeat this After 4-5 actions, the soap will flow out normally. If the above method is not feasible, remove the condensed soap, add warm water, clean the soap dispenser with a soft cotton cloth several times, add clean water, and pull the lever Let go for about 5 seconds and repeat this action until the water comes out of the soap dispenser, then pour out the water and add the soap to use.
• Please note: If there are fine impurities in the soap, it may also block the outlet or cause liquid leakage. If you find that the soap in the inner bottle has impurities or has deteriorated, please replace the soap in time.
• Conditioner with too thick soap or poor fluidity is not suitable for this soap dispenser. If you want to use it, please dilute it before using it.
• If it is the first time to use the product, it is found that there is some clear water in the bottle and pump head. This is a normal phenomenon, because each product will be tested before leaving the factory. This is not a product quality problem. Please be aware and safe to use.

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