Customized Silicone Luggage Tag

Item No.: SP076
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Product parameters
Material: Silicone
Color: Pink, Blue, Yellow, Customized
Size: 11.8 * 6.7 * 0.7 CM
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Product Name: Customized Silicone Luggage Tag
Silk screen printing General Use: Used for travel luggage identification, luggage storage identification in major supermarkets, factory label identification, large-scale item storage warehouse identification, and logistics company package identification
Material: Silicone Feature: Eco-friendly, durable Weight: 56g
Product Size: 11.8*6.7*0.7 cm Place of Origin: Guangdong, China Packing: Individual opp bag
Item No: SP076 Color: Pink, Blue, Yellow, Customized :  
:   :  
Packaging Details
1pc/opp bag,carton

Silicone Luggage Tag
The cartoon characters or company LOGO on the surface of the silicone luggage tag can be embossed, the bumps are uniform, the colors are real and will not fade. In addition, it has the characteristics of low production cost, durability, and dirt resistance. These advantages make the silicone luggage tag the most widely used luggage tag. Generally, the appearance and structure of the luggage tag will have its own company logo or cartoon characters. The common manufacturing process of luggage tags is glue and printing, and the printing cost is lower than that of glue.

With the improvement of people's living standards, more and more people choose to travel in a variety of ways. Whether it is a short-distance or a long-distance trip, there will always be a pile of luggage to take, and in order to avoid the messy loss of many luggages , Silicone luggage tags are widely used in various stations, airports, hotels, waiting rooms and other places. So what is a silicone luggage tag?

Silicone luggage tags are used to identify the attribution of luggage. They are made of various materials with identification numbers, names, letters, etc., as a certificate for passengers to claim luggage. When it is used on luggage, it can remind others not to take it wrong, and you can quickly find yourself in a large amount of luggage. Even if your luggage is lost, you can let the airport staff contact you.

Extend other applications
Silicone luggage tags are not only used as luggage tags, but have been extended to the daily life of the public, such as bus IC card sets, membership card sets, bank card[2] card sets, work permit sets, and students Certificate sets and so on. Some businesses or companies specially customize silicone work card holders, and print the company's LOGO or slogan on the back of the card holders. When event promotional items are given to customers, it not only plays a publicity role, but also enhances the corporate image. The best of both worlds.

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