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GiftSZWM is a provider of promotional gifts, hotel supplies, leather goods / bags, business / company gifts, and gift packaging production customized services. It has many years of business experience, impressive performance and rich product production resources. We are more than happy to receive your letter to exchange all kinds of information on gifts and hotel supplies procurement. We have prepared work communication tools, hoping that it will be convenient for you to quickly establish contact with us.          
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GiftSZWM phone number+86 10 8453 3468      
GiftSZWM's mobile number+86 139 1116 7504    
GiftSZWM email address szwm@giftszwm.com
GiftSZWM SZWM website https://www.giftszwm.com
GiftSZWM address No.6,Hongfang Road,Chaoyang District,Beijing,China 100176



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