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What's Holding Back the Hotel Custom Pens-A Glimpse of Export Transactions Industry

Because the strategy of success in international trading is based on timely delivery and prices, emphasizing the quality of the product that will deliver. And our slim hotel custom pens got fame because of the beautiful shape and excellent raw materials..
                                   What's Holding Back the Hotel Custom Pens-A Glimpse of Export Transactions Industry

By Donna
Slim Hotel Custom Pens are one of the most popular ballpoints in the international market, and despite the rise of high-tech gadgets and devices, the increase in the value of pens has increased in number. To meet the requirements and make an intelligent move, the company has loaded this pen with all the required product parameters to attract customers for custom production and scroll-down orders.
Product Customization:
Slim hotel custom pens struggled a lot to create a good name in the market after their launching because of the availability of competitors. Still, its feature of style, ABS plastic material, and low price sales strategy helped this product stand out. Usually, the pens supplied in hotels made up of metal material which can get scratches quickly, but this slim hotel custom pens comprises the high-quality plastic material.

Custom Ballpoint Pens Personalized with Your Logo1
The ballpoint pen core used is of high quality and lightweight. Therefore, it aids a lot in writing smoothly, and one's fingers feel light weighted and fluent while writing. Therefore, people prefer to use such pens, and their demand increases in hotels' daily office consumption and during conferences received by the hotel.
Moreover, along with the lightness and smooth writing nib, this product is manufactured using the high-quality materials without importing any material, making them the best one in the international market by introducing the adjustable and average price even in bulk. 
Success Story Related to the International Market
One day a year ago, a dealer in a country in the Middle East contacted us through email and explained that he had visited our company's site and had observed the hotel custom pens. He said that he had also read the description regarding the characteristics of slim hotel ballpoint pens and want to look at samples, too, as he was interested in placing the order in bulk. Our report regarding the slim ballpoint pen appealed to the dealer, and he wished to observe the sample.
The batch of samples related to slim hotel custom pens was delivered. The model of ballpoint pen s was highly praised and got positive feedback, for instance. As a result, this client placed an order of 50000 customized pens. He mentioned that they were constantly receiving excellent comments from the day they started and placing these ballpoint pens in their hotel's large conferences of customers received. Everyone was pleased to have this product because it was smooth in writing and provided a solid grip to hand while writing at speed. As a result, conference records became relaxing and comfortable.
As the hotel custom pens are made of ABS plastic, slim and beautiful shape and emphasizing the quality of nibs and inks. Once the sample got approval because of these unique features, they ordered in bulk as the piece had the ballpoint pen with black or blue ink, and customers demand the black or blue ink in their order.
After fulfilling all the transaction details and transportation policies regarding importing goods, the order to be delivered as different countries have different policies regarding the shipment and delivery methods. The mutual negotiation was held among both the parties and all the transactions and cleared payment details through documentation and proper delivery of receipts of the placed order.
The order was in bulk, and after reaching its destination, we did not hear feedback from this client. Then, all of a sudden, after few months, when this order shipped towards its goal, a long note was received having the following words:
"We received your slim hotel custom pens on short notice. Therefore, we were not expecting such an order to dispatch in such a short period. Moreover, we were worried
that you might face some trouble during the dispatching and shipping as the policy of our country regarding the imported goods is quite strict and clients face a crisis in this issue.
But, we faced no claims or issues on this order as your sample was already approved and checked in detail. The raw material used is worth mentioning. It gives the pens such a smooth structure that when we started placing these pens during our monthly official meetups and conferences, we got a tremendous response from all the managers. Even CEO appraised the smooth writing flow of these pens. 

Slim Hotel Custom Pens
We also placed this ballpoint pen for a trial check in our hotel chain as people from all around the world regularly come to stay at our place. The cells got successful in this trial too! As people before the placement of these ballpoint pens often complained about the dispersal of ink and harsh grip of the ballpoint pens, we got excellent feedback from the people, and some even took these ballpoint pens along with them too were amazed at such acts.
I want to place an order again in bulk with 700000 customized pens with the same qualities, which are excellent for meeting international needs and demands. Have a good day!" That made our day, and we were cheered up.

Plastic Twist Logo Pen
Our experience:
Although it is not an easy task to meet the international standards and make a good reputation for the product in a few days, if successful trading operations and rules are followed, it is not an arduous task. To make a name in the market, defining the shipping method and timeline, container requirements, focusing on transportation and government documentation, and the customs requirements can help the business stand out in the market. Because the strategy of success in international trading is based on timely delivery and prices, emphasizing the quality of the product that will deliver. 
And our slim hotel custom pens got fame because of the beautiful shape and excellent raw materials used for their manufacturing even without importing the raw material for production. Despite the cultural differences, the trust and credibility between the buyer and seller determine the successful trading operation. These were the core thing of successful trading in the international market and have helped establish the business on good terms even in different marketers.



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