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Urge the order, you can do it happily. Solving customer pain points and serving customers well will be profitable for both parties.
                                             Promotion Case-Consumer Electronics
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Sharing some of my own customer cases is also to draw everyone’s good opinions. Let’s not say much, let’s get started.
Background: Customer M, I have cooperated once before, and the purchase amount is not large, more than USD10000. We are engaged in consumer electronics products. At that time, we also customized customer brands. There should be no interaction with procurement needs for nearly half a year. Of course, we have interacted with each other. Greetings are still there.
Process: Some time ago, the customer contacted me on the whatsApp and asked me to test the quotation. The customer clearly informed the customers who have stable cooperation. Maybe the customers are smart, and I have been in this industry for more than 10 years. How much customers are willing to believe in my professionalism. My first question was: Since you already have a stable supplier, why do you want to change it? The customer may be asked by me at once, maybe he thinks that I asked you for a quotation to give you the hope of a deal, but it is impossible for me, an old bird, to make a "stepping stone" for another family without knowing it, so I just ask the question directly. I was surprised by the answer I got. The customer said that first they would like to believe in my professionalism. Secondly, the supplier’s delivery and quality control were not as good as before, so I wanted to change it. I thought this was not me. I am looking for the entry point, and then inform the customer that they will reply to the professional quotation as soon as possible, give an accurate delivery date, and promise that if the delivery cannot be made on time, they are willing to pay the corresponding compensation (1% late delivery 1 day, everyone follow up your own The production cycle and product gross profit are calculated). Of course, it is necessary to estimate a few more days of delivery in the early stage to prevent factory power outages and sudden holidays.
Result: After the quotation was given to the customer on the same day, the customer replied 2 days later. Perhaps because of the shadow of the previous supplier’s delivery date, the customer confirmed the quantity that was twice the estimated purchase (because I told the customer that the quantity is large, the factory will definitely Prioritize production), and I appropriately give preferential prices and provide some additional brand additional services. The customer soon paid the deposit, and now I am confirming the packaging details and purchasing raw materials. This order is easy to get.
To sum up: 1. Customer relationship is very important. Don't contact customers too purposefully. Regular greetings are also very skillful. As long as you contact him, customers will know what you are here for; 2. Grasp the customer's "pain points" and prescribe the right medicine. What the customer wants is simple service, and then he is profitable; 3. Properly guide customers to "expand demand", the business still has to be bold and direct, just ask the questions you want to ask, don't hide it, don't think too much, every opportunity of communication is delicate.
Hope you all share your opinions enthusiastically, thank you very much.


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