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Maintain a Good Long-Term Customer Relationship, You will be Surprised

The benefits of maintaining long-term customer relationships are self-evident. Proactively communicate; be patient with customer consultation; keep in touch with customers; find the right opportunity for face-to-face interviews, if you do well, your prosp
                                    Maintain a Good Long-Term Customer Relationship, You will be Surprised

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I did a gift customization
 business with a customer last year, the transaction amount was tens of thousands of dollars, which belonged to a very small customer of mine; to be a low value-added product among our products; I did not expect high from him, and earned him tens of thousands a year RMB yuan is enough.

The order returned last month was still a low-value-added product with a small amount, only tens of thousands of dollars.

In the past few days, the customer placed another order for high value-added products. The order amount was ten times that of last year's order; I was really surprised.

There is another old customer who has been in business with him for seven or eight years, and every year he makes almost one order, earning a small amount of tens of thousands of yuan. However, last year he purchased from us a new product in another industry that we have newly developed, and returned orders almost every month. The profit from this customer has doubled seven or eight times before.

In December last year, we developed a new customer and started a business of hotel supplies after the year. It was the case of low value-added products, and the profit was only RMB 30,000. However, the return orders have come in the past few days, and high value-added products have been added. The amount of the return orders has been more than 3 times that of the first order.

How to maintain long-term customer relationships, and are very old and very old customers

Yesterday, my boss showed me the business card of a customer who had placed an order with our company many years ago and told me that this customer had not placed an order with our company for many years. Let me find out and contact this customer. Continue to follow up. My boss came over this morning and divided the stack of business cards. For foreign ones, WhatsApp will be added first. With these business cards, I don’t know what products they bought before. Just in the morning, the boss came to talk to me, so I went over and asked, “What products did these customers buy with us before. We have products before now.” Is it complete?" The boss said "I don't know", and then he said a lot, saying he wants me to get all those customers back to place orders

I was thinking in my heart: Am I so good? I began to doubt my abilities. I returned to my seat and saw a foreigner reply to me in the mailbox: When I sent to WhatsApp, I introduced myself and then said "I know that you have been bought hardware from our company, I am doing a feekback", just want to cut into the topic through customer feedback, but unfortunately, for too many years, customers either don’t do those industries, or they just forget our company, of course he He didn’t know me, so he just answered me directly "I don't know you"

It was a question at the beginning of me! I felt very suspenseful in my heart, it all depends on how I flirted.

In this regard, I would like to get some suggestions and methods from friends in the forum.

Maintain customers

Fuyou recommends as follows:

• Adding whatsapp should choose the guest's noon time or after a certain period of work in the afternoon, because the customer just received the referral information at work, and the customer may not reply or reply hastily.

• Less nonsense, go straight to the subject, tell the customer what you do, what you can provide, and what are your advantages. Since the order was placed a long time ago, and there is no continued cooperation, there must be minor problems, so just don’t mention the previous ones, just Just be an intended customer.

• Make a follow-up progress form, follow up as planned, prepare template emails for each step, improve efficiency, pay attention to small holiday greetings, and develop emails generally sent on Thursdays and Fridays.

• Treat with an ordinary heart, insist on regular and perseverance.

customer support
How to maintain long-term customers?

1. Actively communicate, don't passively consult. As a trading company, as an importer, many times a customer will not only deal with a single product, which restricts his development. The customer generally does the same type of product as the manufacturer. As a manufacturer, you have the business. There is no need to wait for customers to consult one by one, and take the initiative to introduce the products you can make, increase the trust between you and the customer, and at the same time stimulate his desire to place an order.

2. Be patient when consulting customers Have you ever encountered the kind of repeated requests for proofing? Many salespersons will find it annoying when they encounter customers who repeatedly modify the proofing. If they are in a bad mood, they will be ignored, and you will lose a customer. In fact, think about it carefully, why do customers repeatedly request to modify the proofing? That's because he is working hard to develop new products for cooperation, which shows that the other party is very cooperative and sincere, and you have lost such a customer who is very likely to place an order because of your lack of patience. Don't you think it's a waste?

3. Keep in touch with customers Throughout the ordering cooperation, as well as in ordinary life, as a business, we have to communicate with customers frequently. In the process of ordering cooperation, maintaining regular contact with customers is very helpful for customers to understand his products. The production situation, shipment situation, and logistics situation of the company allow customers to maintain sufficient control of their own goods and also generate trust in you. In normal life, regular contact with customers will better increase the relationship between you, so that customers can more easily consider their relationship with you when they have needs.

4. It is best to have an interview if possible It’s not as good as meeting once in a thousand emails. In the salesperson industry, there are very few meetings with customers, but it doesn’t mean that we don’t need to meet with customers. On the contrary, face-to-face interviews are an effective way of business development, compared to long-term emails that are separated from the Internet. The way of talking, meeting each other adds a foundation of trust. Let customers impress you more deeply.

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