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Introducing Multi-Functional Girls Jewelry Box

Many users buy jewelry simply because of its exquisite appearance or collection value.Many brands have also begun to customize multifunctional storage jewelry boxes.Here introduce to you several very useful and exquisite multifunctional jewelry boxes.
Jewelry is a decoration that every girl likes to wear very much. In addition to wearing jewelry, many users buy jewelry simply because of its exquisite appearance or collection value. However, storage becomes a problem when users own multiple pieces of jewellery at the same time. In order to solve this problem for users, many brands have also begun to cooperate with jewelry box suppliers to customize multifunctional storage Girls Jewelry Box. Below, SZWM will introduce to you several very useful and exquisite multifunctional jewelry boxes.

WOLF Caroline Jewelry Box
Product Size ‏: ‎ 26.67 x 41.28 x 27.94 cm

girls jewelry box

The WOLF Caroline jewelry box has a very simple appearance. It is a WOLF jewelry box with distinctive features. Its pattern is quilted with needles and threads, which is very unique. Quilting is a traditional folk craft, which started in the 1970s. With the continuous development of quilting machinery, more and more fabric products are beginning to use quilting technology, and jewelry boxes are one of them. Caroline stitched pattern rose red leather surface, leather tassel key chain, inside there is a dressing table with a mirror, and multiple drawers for storing jewelry. Gold-plated lock, makeup mirror, 43 jewelry compartments, 4 tables, 4 cylindrical ring compartments, cylindrical jewelry box (2 compartments, 10 earring holes, 3 necklace compartments and 1 ring belt). The WOLF Caroline jewelry box is made of genuine leather, which is comfortable to the touch. The appearance is similar to the shape of a portable cosmetic case.

multi-functional girls jewelry box

Mark&Graham Small Travel Jewelry Box
Do you like travel? For users who frequently travel on business, the arrangement and storage of jewelry can be very troublesome. And this Mark&Graham small travel jewelry box can perfectly solve the trouble caused by storage during the user's travel. The interior of the jewelry box is divided into five spaces, which can accommodate a variety of different jewelry such as earrings, rings, bracelets, and necklaces at the same time. At the same time, the volume of the packaging box is very small, and it can also be stored in the safe together with the jewelry box when staying in a hotel during travel.

Travel Jewelry Box

Mirror Home Storage Jewelry Box 

For many young people nowadays, they like the simple jewelry box with modern style very much. The finish of this jewellery box is made of mirrored glass, which is very unique in appearance. There are 5 linen compartments and multiple rows of compartments inside, which can accommodate a variety of different jewelry, and can well protect the jewelry and prevent the different jewelry from scratching each other. This jewellery box is relatively bulky because the outer surface is made of glass, and it is more suitable for home storage than to carry around.
The above packaging boxes are very popular types of jewelry storage boxes in the market. Among them, multifunctional jewelry boxes of different materials and different types are also suitable for different scenarios, such as: travel storage, home storage, and so on.

Mirror home storage jewelry box

SZWM can provide customization and production of such products. If you are interested, please contact us.