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What are the factors that influence the custom price of small batch gift box?

Many people in the market know a little bit about the customization of gift box in small batches. It is often awkward for factories to accept such orders. The prices are not easy to talk about. The prices are high,The customers are embarrassed and do not understand. If the price is as level as the bulk order, the factory is difficult to make a profit, and the buyer and seller will inevitably increase the negotiation time for this.It took some minutes to explore the reasons to make some friends interested. What factors have influenced the price of gift box customization?
Gift box price
According to the equipment level and technology prevailing in the market, we are likely to have the same problem for small batch gift box customization. Looking at the gift box production process first, no matter the number of gift box orders, we need to design, proofing and then mass production.
If the quantity is small, the price allocated to each box is high. Gift box proofing is not only complicated but also costly. The cost of proofing is also included in the total price of the customized gift box, so the impact of the proofing fee on the price of small batch packaging is also great.
The second is the printing fee, which will inevitably incur costs. The basic cost of printing is the same regardless of the number of prints. Therefore, when customizing small batch gift box, it is very expensive to share the printing costs.
Again, the same is true for template making costs and knife mold costs. No matter how many quantities are made, these costs would remain the same. So the customization of small batch gift box would naturally share a lot, which would have a great impact on the price.
The manual costs of production are also basic costs. If it is a larger quantity, it is common to make molds and use a forming machine to produce gift box, which is lower in cost. For small batch gift box customization, custom-made molds are not cost-effective, so you have to use manual packaging to increase costs.
Thus, this shows that the factors influencing the customization price of small batches gift box are printing fee, printing fee on boot, template making fee and knife mold fee, manual cost, material cost, management cost and factory order profit. Due to the different order demand, these factors often change with each other and   one price for one discussion is always common. After understanding these business tips, it is easy for you to talk about the order and make the budget. Therefore, the operating cost is easily controlled.


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