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Promotional Gifts – Success Stories of Some Exciting Projects We've Worked On

Team GiftSZWM is in a storytelling mood today. Jokes aside, we wish to tell you some really interesting about the existing projects we have done with our clients to make their corporate gifting successful. Corporate gifting can be a fantastic way for any business to enhance its partnerships with customers, clients, and suppliers. However, for those just entering the world of corporate gifting, it can feel overwhelming and they’ve probably got loads of questions in their mind when they approach us. Most of the clients have a clear vision of what they want to create to achieve their branding goals. Some have a little idea but like to explore more options before coming to any decision. We help them to identify the right promotional products that communicate a strong and lasting message of their brand. We help them by providing visuals of products they are interested in branding. This helps them to make a decision on which items will complement their brand best.

promotional products-corporate gifts 

How It Works
After the selection of the product, the real work started in which, the selected gift go under unbelievable transformation that makes them look completely out of the ordinary. Our team happily allows customers to finally choose from a range of different color combinations to something more complex like adding monograms, textures, patterns, or even design just to ensure the order goes through the production operation without any mishap. Quality control measures are then taken into action just to ensure that selected items are placed in printing machines at the right time, and at the right angles according to the customer’s wishes. Our printing team will make assure that printing is crisp and colors match your approved selection. Then our packaging team ensures the final product is properly packed and handed over to the delivery department. Our team works with them from quotation to delivery just to ensure that they are fully satisfied with both their promotional items and level of service.
The sales desk at GiftSZWM is abuzz with success stories and feedback from our customers as the promotion campaigns with the selected gifts hit a feverish pitch.
We would love to showcase a few projects that we have successfully done and make a huge success for our customers
Bath Yellow Duck Custom Rubber Toy Ducks
Last month, one of our regular customers, who runs a chain of breweries in various locations dropped in at GiftSZWM. They were bored with the same set of promotional gifts, which typically included barware items like wine bags or wine glasses that they had been employing to promote their taverns. To promote his signature drink promotion they wanted something unique, which they might not have tried out before. We suggest them if you wish to leave your guests with some fun memories of your brand. Look no further than these bath ducks from any range of colors to create a long-lasting and fun experience in their bathtubs with a sip of their favorite breweries.

Yellow bath duck toy

Slim Hotel Custom Pens Plastic Twist Logo Ballpoint Pen
One of our clients has been buying these custom ballpoint pens for back-to-school welcome kits. Every time the students use these trendy logo imprinted ballpoints at arts and crafts schools or during project assessments, the school name imprinted on these will grab the attention of people around. Whenever he gets a call from a prospective parent, he knows how these custom writing supplies might have triggered it.

Ballpoint pen
Large Oversize Golf Umbrella Waterproof Automatic Open Hotel Umbrella
One of our big clients is the owner of a hotel and has been using our logo imprinted Waterproof Automatic Open Hotel Umbrellas for a few years now. His hotel business has benefited so much by using these promotional items as these get the message out in style.
His Review: Your quick turn-around time and impressive quality at a reasonable price make it all the easier for me to compliment my hotel guests. Thanks

Large Oversize Golf Umbrella Automatic Open Hotel Umbrella 

Stuffed Teddy Bear Custom Pilot Bear
A lady was on the lookout for a perfect custom gift to promote camping holidays. Mostly catering to kids and youth, the campsite needed handouts that will impress her niche audience. We suggest her stuffed teddy bear has an imprinted logo of her business on it because these cuddly toys are not just popular among kids but adults as well. The recipients might have loved the idea of taking these stuffed teddies bears home as souvenirs of a great camping holiday that they had. She has made us all truly delighted with her words of appreciation that will help us strive for better.

Flying bear Compressed
Multifunction Genuine Leather Coin Purse Wallet Zipper Change Purse
We often get a whole lot of emails from travel companies. Arthur had a rather interesting mail for us. He placed a bulk order for leather coin purses, each of which had cost him a few dollars. He imprinted his logo and contact number and handed them out to his existing customers and at the tradeshows and community events. He was happy at the response that he got from this perfect travel item. He concludes his mail with a chuckle and says he couldn’t be happier!

4 zippered pockets multifunction genuine leather coin purse

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