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Promotional gifts for working from home

There are many ways to promote your business, but awarding your audience with unique and customized Promotional gifts is the best way to give your business a boost. There is a large variety of cheap promotional products in the market. Without breaking your bank you can award your customers with different useful promotional items.
Promotional gifts have become a growing trend in event marketing or brand advertising. Many companies offer special services for making promotional products with customizing brand logo print. You can get your brand logo on different promotional items.
Promotional gifts help your company to build trust and impression. Your brand logo and message printed on the promotional gifts will make people familiar with your company.
But in 2020 the market and people's lives have suddenly changed.
The Covid-19 pandemic has caused a change in the way many businesses function, with a huge portion of US to work from home for the first time. With this trend likely to continue in the future.
So what can you do to make the transition easier? Having the right gear, technology and mindset will play a huge role in positive outcomes. Branded products will not only create a sense of unity (even from home) but have a practical element that will help with performance and productivity.
Here is a list of some most appreciated promotional gifts that you can reward your customers or employees working from home to boost your business.

Work at home
1) Cotton Foldable Hotel Slippers
 for Home

Work "easy", let go of your burden and enjoy working at home. The softness of cotton and the toughness of linen make home work comfortable.
Breathable cotton cloth, soft bottom, quiet, shock absorption and lightweight, foldable storage.
The moment you put on my slippers, all your troubles at work disappeared. You are busy with business trips, busy with meetings, and then rushing around. Every time after a long period of walking, you seem to have begun to adapt to the hard ground until you unload the load and put it on. At that moment, in the slippers, you felt relaxed and relaxed.
Cotton material, comfortable and breathable. The upper design of the product is simple and elegant. Choose natural cotton materials to get a comfortable foot feel. It becomes an intimate companion, absorbs sweat, is breathable and skin-friendly.
Putting on a pair of slippers to work at home, it feels different. Unfettered work may have countless work inspirations and work ideas after release. It is definitely good for physical and mental health.

Foldable Hotel Slippers for Travel and Home
2) Hand Sanitizer Carrier
Customize logo printed colorful touchless hand sanitizer dispenser is an excellent promotional item nowadays. It is a low-cost promotional gift that helps to keep your clients and employees healthy. You can promote your business by gifting these sanitizer carriers in wellness program events and tradeshows.

hand sanitizer dispenser

3) Notepad and Pen

Mini notepad and pen set is a cheap and excellent promotional gift for small businesses. Your brand logo printed on the colorful notepad and pen will draw the attention of users toward your company. Moreover, it is a perfect promotional item for trade shows and brand advertisement events.
4) Customize T-shirts
Everyone loves to receive a t-shirt as a promotional gift. Your company logo printed on a t-shirt will help you to boost your brand. You can easily get customize t-shirts with different colors and sizes. You just need to add your message and company logo to your unique t-shirts.
Customize promotional t-shirts that will work as walking billboards for your brand advertisement. A person wearing your logo printed t-shirt will advertise your company to many other people. Your company logo printed on the t-shirt will bring your brand in front of people’s minds.

5) Wall clock, essential for work at home

Custom wall clocks are useful and unique promotional items. The wall clock with your brand logo will help people to remind of your company. The promotional clock hanging on the wall of your customer’s room or office will draw his attention towards your brand. It will help to build the trust of your customer. In addition, the wall clock helps you know the time at any time when working from home.
Clock, essential for work at home
6) Water Bottles
If you are looking for a cheap and useful promotional gift that can take your business to lead, you should select a unique sports bottle. Water bottles are everyone’s needs. From sports events and school picnics to tradeshows events, there is no limit to boost your company with these promotional water bottles. Especially the kind of water bottles marked by time, it reminds you to drink water on time and in amount, which is definitely beneficial to people's health.

530ml water bottle
7) KN95 Face Mask
In this COVID-19 pandemic situation, we all have to take extra safety precautions. You can get protective KN95 face masks to promote your business and be a part of the solution. 
However, you can add your company logo or message on the promotional face masks and keep your employees and clients safe from the COVID-19 virus. 
8) Popsockets Smartphone Grip stand
If you want a trendy promotional item for your business advertisement, you can go for custom pop sockets smartphone grip stand. The small smartphone grip stands to attach directly to the phone, keep it sustained for listening to music, watching videos, and taking a perfect selfie.  You can use phone popsockets at home or outdoors, wherever you want it. In short, people like it.

Phone popsockets multipurpose

These phone stands are available in different colors and styles. You can get customize phone stands printed with the company logo. These trendy phone stands are sure to be a big hit with the younger audience. 
9) Coffee Mugs
Customize a coffee mugs is a fantastic gift for your loyal customers and employees. You can get different types of coffee mugs, jars, and metal mugs with a custom printed message or your brand logo. Coffee mug with your brand logo will present the company pride with every sip of coffee. They are more comfortable working at home.

Fashion Coffee Mugs
10) Headphone and Speaker

Now there’s no one around to tell you that your taste in music is perhaps questionable. Blast your favourite tunes with pride to help you stay motivated and focused.They’re also an essential way to provide audio to your VOIP calls and meetings. Some options also have a microphone for taking calls.
In addition,custom headphones and Bluetooth speakers can be the trendy promotional gifts for tradeshows or brand introducing events as well as for social media giveaways. There is a large range of low-cost headphones and Bluetooth speakers available in the market. You can find low-cost headphones and speakers in a variety of colors and styles. You just need to add your company logo or message on the item in your unique style.
11) Gift yoga mat for indoor sports
Perhaps the epidemic has forced people to choose more at home and reduce their outings. Over time, physical health has become a major problem. Carrying out physical exercise at home has never been a problem. Many people extremely welcome gifts suitable for indoor exercise, such as yoga mats

yoga mats

In fact, yoga mats was loved by people before the epidemic. It is suitable for a variety of fashionable mat sports. Today, I am afraid that it will become the first gift for some people. Yoga mats are made from a variety of fabrics and are selected according to different sports and personal preferences.
The yoga mats are available in bulk quantity and at affordable prices. These mats are made up of high-quality fabric and are quite comfortable to use.
12) Working and living at home cannot do without the cushion
Staying at home for a long time, or even working at home, pick up a cushion, casually lean on the sofa or put it on an office chair. It is comfortable and lazy. When sitting and working, you will also feel comfortable leaning on the pillow. Help you relieve fatigue. The situation of being forced to stay at home for a long time has become the norm, and people can no longer do without pillows. Some sofa pillows are just what they need to give to customers or their own employees. Customizing the Logo again is a perfect gift, and at the same time the home decoration also adds color. This product can actually achieve compression packaging, which can reduce transportation costs. Include it in your custom gift list.

Living room pillows

13) A small fan makes your living environment comfortable
There are many styles of small fans, beautiful and practical, which effectively improves your living environment, keeps you relaxed and cool, and can decorate your desk at the same time, making you feel comfortable working at home, so you can concentrate on working. The small fan looks really suitable as a gift for home office. 

table fan
Bottom Line
Companies can use these promotional gifts in many ways and for many purposes. Whether you are running a home-based business or a company, these promotional gifts lead your company name into the world. These promotional items are used almost every day and are the most affordable adverting strategy on the market. Your employees will realize that even if they work from home, they are not far away from the company's business.


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