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By Corinne | 30 July 2020 | 0 Comments

Light and Lively - how promotional gifts generate leads

Ahh, promotional gifts, the fun part of marketing.  Call them schwag, gimmes, toys, everyone knows and loves inexpensive customized gifts that build a brand, and act as a touchstone to generate leads and increase awareness with prospects.
It turns out that there are many deep seated psychological reasons why small “free" gifts build a rapport with potential clients. When a corporation gives someone a gift, the act of presenting the nicely wrapped, well-designed and well executed customized token can be more important than the gift itself. Why? Because this starts a chain of thought in the recipient. The person who accepts the gift can either believe the gift is a nice token, symbolic yet useful, and a good representation of the brand. Or the gifted person believe that the giver attempted to buy their affection for a very low price.  No one wants to think the latter. So in accepting a Metal Ballpoint Pen, or fridge magnets means that the client is driven to believe the company behind the logo is good. And that the gift is useful to them, and a good token to have and to keep.

refrigerator magnets personalized
The ramifications go on and on. If a client accepts a Tilley paddlers hat, t-shirt, or a Chef teddy bear soft toy as a promotional gift, they are stating that they believe in the brand enough to put it on their body or on their desktop. Again, the client is naturally led into thinking that the brand behind the gift is good - or they are being fooled into giving that company free advertising.  Everyone wants to believe that they are smart - and that the company was smart to give them a promotional gift - and that they are smart to keep that gift around to remind them to contact the giver and buy more of their products.

Lovely chef teddy bear plush toy
Humans will give an inordinate amount of time to small items without thinking about the balance overmuch.
This effect works well when customized promotional gifts are given out through the mail - if a client accepts the free promotion, say a brightly colored magnet or a nice pen - they are naturally led to believe the gift is better than it is. Human nature wants to believe that one is smart and valued, and is treated that way with respect by being given free gifts.  Attractive stickers, customized candy, stress toys - so many good looking corporate gifts can fill this role and build attraction, leads and sales, and they can be delivered for under one dollar each.  So many corporations sell only services these days, everyone needs promotional gifts to symbolize the quality of the relationship.

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