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Gifts Under USD10: Find the Perfect Promotional Gifts to Reward Your Employees

Companies are very concerned about whether employees recognize the company from their hearts and are willing to provide continuous service and value. Because the boss knows that employees are important assets of the company, you should express your gratitude to them. At the same time, the company also knows that a low loyalty company culture will have a huge negative energy for the company as a whole. It is very necessary to create a positive cultural atmosphere, to show gratitude, regular emotional communication, interaction, recognition and rewards for staff work.

In fact, during an important holiday of the year or an important time for the company's development, choose some promotional gifts for employees, give them some carefully selected gifts, reward employees, share happiness, and skillfully spread important company information to employees Has been widely used. Of course, we also know that choosing the right decent, valuable, and money-saving gift is not easy and a little challenging. Here we make a list of affordable products to add a little energy to your gift shopping.

All selected gifts are under USD10, of course, these gifts under USD10 should reflect your good intentions, should be customized, give your logo on the product and the thoughts and feelings you want to express, let employees receive At the moment of the gift, They immediately felt that the company valued them very much, so that they were inspired and motivated.

1.Anti-Spray Airless Valve Closed
Medical Goggles
Anti-fog and splash-proof goggles prevent liquids such as saliva, bacteria and other invisible viruses from splashing into the glasses. Perfect for Eye Protection and a superior protective safety glass to protect the health of you and your family!
OTG (Over-the-Glass) design fits comfortably over prescription eyewear; protects against impacts, dust, airborne particles and chemical splashes. Employees may like such a gift.

2.Baseball Caps

Used for sunshade and fashion accessories, and used as a good marketing promotion method, these decades have continued to be popular, whether it is the company or employees like baseball caps.

Baseball Caps

3. Sports Water Bottle
Fashionable style, good thermal insulation, easy to use, and reasonable price. Will make employees put it down.

Chef Teddy Bear Soft Toy
Classic toys can always melt the hearts of both children and employees, and get short-term relaxation and leisure after work. Chef teddy bear soft toy this whimsical stuffed animal features a sewn on apron and classic chef's hat, let you have the feeling of returning to family life again, happy and comfortable.

Chef Teddy Bear Plush Toy

5. Wireless Phone Charger
Increased convenience and aesthetic quality – No need for cables.Listed here wireless phone charger non-slip, yes slim,a slim line profile provides an aesthetically pleasing complement to your desk.

6. Electric
Air Humidifier
The water is heated to 100 in the heating body to generate steam, and the steam is sent out by a motor.
Achieve uniform humidification, fresh air, improve health, remove the dry heat of winter heating, and create a comfortable living environment. While humidifying, it can also filter and purify germs, dust, and particulate matter in the air, and then send the humid and clean air to the room through the wind-driven device, thereby improving the environmental humidity and cleanliness. Therefore, it is very suitable for personal use and can also prevent winter flu bacteria.

room humidifier

7. Picnic Blanket for Outdoor
Application: Beaches, picnics, parks, camping, fishing. Indispensable supplies for family and company employees' outdoor gatherings and activities. Practical and easy to take care of.

Countdown Clock Timer
The color is clear, beautiful and durable. Not only the kitchen helper, but also the delicate decoration. Healthy and delicate life is inseparable from these small things. It will attract employees.

9. Portable Leather 
Storage Trays
Leather sundries tray leather storage tray keys coins storage boxes.An ideal storage tool for placing keys, jewels and coins while traveling.Fold it into a flat shape so that it doesn't take up any space in the trunk and then align them to store valuables in one place.When leveling: 8.25 square inches.

Leather sundries tray (1)
10. Aromatherapy Candles
High quality soy wax is used as raw material.
Hand-made with a selection of plant soy wax, the taste is light and gentle, fresh and pleasant.
Healthy and romantic life partner.

It’s the same in almost every culture. No matter what gift you choose, it’s the gesture that counts the most. Your employees contributed in an important way to the success you have achieved and are still achieving! They’re your support system and you want to show them you care.

promotional gifts to reward your employees

This doesn’t mean that they expect something in return, but gifts always put a smile on people’s faces. Don’t overthink it, just pick something you think they’ll enjoy.

Once you find something you like, customize these gifts by celebrating one of your greatest achievements: your company and its logo!

Make festivals special for everyone around you. Be the boss everyone brags about and let your employees know you don’t take them for granted.


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