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Meet the Long Neck---Team-Building Chiang Mai Travel

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Author : Donna
Update time : 2020-01-09 12:29:28
                                                                              Meet the Long Neck
                                                                                                     ---Team-Building Chiang Mai Travel

At the end of the year, GiftSZWM arranged another planned company team-building to travel to Chiang Mai, Thailand, in order to gain a broad understanding of the world, enhance member relations, and visit the Thai market for promotional gifts, leather goods, bags and hotel supplies.
travel Traveling to Chiang Mai and meeting the long-necked culture made me quite interested and impressed.

 According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the longest neck in the world is forty centimeters   (there are also reports of a maximum length of 70 centimeters) through the "collar stretch" method.   These "giraffe women" consider their "long necks" to be the most beautiful in the world and a symbol   of beauty and wealth.

 Seeing today's long-necked tribe, it is inevitable to think of the waist that was loved by ancient   Europeans. The women tightened their straps, tied them tight, and willingly suffered for the sake of   having a Spanish-style slender waist.

 Women's tangled feet that started in the Song Dynasty in China (small feet that have been tightly   wrapped to cause deformities of the bones and bones) are widely known as "three-inch golden   lotuses".

Western travellers once mentioned their views on the long-necked race: "Maybe we think their customs are incredible, but if these long-necked women come to the United States, they see American women's silicone breast augmentation, abdominal liposuction, shaved feet, degeneration, etc Other kinds of plastic surgery, maybe they will be even more shocked to see all this. In fact, it is even more weird to know whether it is us or the culture of these long-necked women. "...

The long-necked (Karen) tribe began to wear copper collars when they were 5 years old. From
long-neckedthe age of ten, one more is added to the neck each year until the age of twenty-five. The diameter of the copper ring can reach 1.5 cm, and the weight is 5-10 kg. When I brought the collar experience with interest, I immediately felt unlovable, and wanted to normally open my eyes, breathe, and straighten my waist ... It is no longer an easy task ...

Leaving the Long Neck and returning to our work, Standing Feel GiftSZWM is also very interesting. Visit and trigger your new thinking. You will find that our team building has encountered the long-necked family culture,The event gave more meaning.