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GiftSZWM supplies buyers yellow rubber duck promotion, merchants and consumers feel warm

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Author : Corinne
Update time : 2019-12-06 11:17:55
GiftSZWM supplies buyers yellow rubber duck promotion, merchants and consumers feel warm

In recent years, rubber yellow ducklings have often been purchased by businessmen as
bath duckpromotional gifts and given to children and adults. They have successfully closed the close relationship with consumers. Little yellow duck is a toy image that almost everyone has seen or played in childhood. Adults will feel familiar, relaxed, happy, and warm when they see it.
Careful people are clearly aware of the commercial value of the little yellow duck, and have begun to extend the function of the yellow duck image. Today's giant inflatable yellow rubber duck is an activity designed and initiated by Florentijn Hofman. Since 2007, he has traveled the world, and every time the little yellow duck has attracted the wild pursuit of local fans, it has brought people surprises and laughter.

Some hotels and entertainment venues are keen to seize this marketing medium to launch promotional activities one after another, and the activities are still booming to this year. Last year, the Shangri-La Hotel in Beijing created a big wave of yellow ducks. Yellow ducks of various
yellow rubber duckmaterials, styles and sizes were successfully embedded in their marketing activities. And Hilton hotels in Beijing, New Zealand and other places have long been purchasing vinyl duck toys, delivering customers, being close to families, decorating public places, and setting the atmosphere, which have more or less played the role of enthusiastic guests.
With years of development and the "Duck Fleet" drifting to the world, the drifting of Little Yellow Duck has become an event, a culture, and a symbol of happiness and beauty.
Every time the big yellow duck attracts the wild pursuit of local fans, it brings surprises and laughter to people, and largely realizes the original intention of the artist. The rubber duck, as an image that often appears in front of children from all countries in the world, can heal everyone's mind and relax, and it has no borders, does not discriminate against anyone, and has no political meaning.
GiftSZWM is proud to supply rubber yellow ducks,
stuffed teddy bear, foam decompression toys and other toys to some institutions and businesses around the world with its years of hard work in the toy industry.