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GiftSZWM Designated as Centralized Procurement Supplier by the Renowned Five-Star Hotel for Enhanced Guest Experience

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Author : Charles
Update time : 2021-11-03 18:39:37
Leading supplier of customized hotel amenities GiftSZWM is thrilled to announce its close relationship with a leading five-star hotel as centralized procurement supplier for Room Supplies, Public Service Supplies, and Catering Supplies

“The launch of this new partnership is an exciting moment for us as a long term supplier of hotel supplies and represents our commitment to offering guests exclusive and exceptional experiences and amenities,” said the manager of GiftSZWM. “ From many years the H-Hotel demands for supplies align perfectly with our premium customized range of supplies and services options allow us an opportunity to give their guests more of what they are looking for in overall guest experience, resulting in selecting us as centralized procurement supplier”

Five-Star Hotel
GiftSZWM, since 2003, has been providing the luxury hospitality market with a broad range of customized hotel supplies collections for the comfort and convenience of hotelier’s guests. Our emphasis on premium service allows us to stay in tune with the current and anticipated formula and design trends, as well as insuring we have the products to meet our customers’ needs. The high-quality product, elite customer service, and concern for the environment make us the centralized procurement trusted supplier for premium high-quality hotel supplies.

Working with numerous clients over the years GiftSZWM understands that service and reliability are paramount when choosing partners. We pride ourselves on providing the best service in the industry. Our fulfillment practices are tailored to the unique requirements of each client. As a luxury hotel amenity supplier, we recognize the importance of creating outstanding experiences and high rates of customer satisfaction. For this reason, we supply a large selection of brands and products for clients to choose from, giving them the ability to cater to their consumer’s preferences, and customize their guest’s hotel experience.

Perfect Room Supplies
A combining of great minds in the hospitality supply industry, GiftSZWM was founded with experience more than a decade old. With a dedicated focus on product selection, competitive pricing and concierge level service we prove that “We Understand Client’s Needs”. That understanding will be proven in the primary areas of Price, Selection and Service. We are one of the best hospitality suppliers for hotel requirements. Custom premium quality hotel supplies including Room Supplies, Public Service Supplies, and Catering Supplies and more from our online store. Please access the website at