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Exports are "Extremely Hot", Inventory of Hot-Selling Foreign Trade Products in 2020

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Update time : 2020-12-17 16:46:12
In November, my country’s foreign trade exports reached 1.8 trillion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 14.9%, and the growth rate in US dollars reached 21.1%, the highest in the year. Previously, statistics from the Guangdong Branch of the General Administration of Customs showed that in October, Guangdong exported 374.18 billion yuan, an increase of 0.3%. This is the fourth consecutive month that Guangdong has achieved positive exports since July. After our country controlled the epidemic and started to resume work in a comprehensive way, the foreign trade industry has seen a split between fire and ice. Some products have become extremely hot due to the catalysis of the epidemic, making the industry soft when receiving orders, and orders are even scheduled to next year.

Which industries are the lucky ones this year? What are the best-selling products for export in 2020?

In the second half of this year, export orders for the furniture industry increased significantly. According to data from Alibaba International Station, as of the end of October, the turnover of the furniture industry increased by 191% year-on-year and the number of payment orders increased by 112% year-on-year. Furniture products such as sofas, beds, office desks and chairs, dining tables and chairs, and children's beds are most popular in overseas markets.

Home Appliances
According to statistics from, in the first half of this year, China's exports of electric frying pans, bread makers, and juicers increased by 62.9%, 34.7%, and 12.1% respectively. According to data from Alibaba International Station, the demand for air purifiers, air fryer, facial care appliances, and refrigerators all increased by more than 200% year-on-year.

Small electronic products home appliances

According to the "Report on China's Lighting Industry Exports in the First Three Quarters of 2020" issued by the China Lighting Association, in September 2020, China's lighting industry exports were US$5.113 billion, a year-on-year increase of 44.18%, which was the largest in a single month this year. The growth rate has achieved double-digit growth for four consecutive months since June. Among them, the export value of LED lighting products was US$3.4 billion, a year-on-year increase of 40.5%, and the cumulative export value of LED lighting products from January to September this year was US$23.46 billion, a year-on-year increase of 5.45%. Industry insiders told reporters that the reason for the increase in orders for the industry's recovery is that the domestic control of the epidemic is relatively fast, and many overseas orders are flowing domestically. In addition, the backlog of domestic orders has entered the late stage of implementation, and LED exports have seen a substantial increase.


In the first half of the year, the consumption increase of the "home economy" drove the export of notebook computers and mobile phones to increase by 9.1% and 0.2% respectively. The hot sales of computers really continued. By the third quarter of 2020, global PC shipments had increased by 12.7%, setting a 10-year high. When introducing the import and export situation in the first three quarters of this year, the General Administration of Customs pointed out that my country's consumer electronics product industry chain and supply chain have obvious advantages. The total export of notebook computers, tablet computers, home appliances and other "home economy" commodities is 880.8 billion yuan, an increase of 17.8%.

3D Printer
According to data from the National Bureau of Statistics, boosted by overseas hot sales, the output of China's 3D printing equipment in the first quarter increased by 87.7% year-on-year, and in April this growth rate further climbed to 344.7%. Domestic 3D printer manufacturers are mainly located in Shenzhen, Dongguan and the Yangtze River Delta in the Pearl River Delta. They have a strong foreign trade foundation and generally show a trend of rising against the trend in the epidemic.

Bicycles have also accelerated their "riding" abroad. Statistics from the General Administration of Customs show that as of September this year, the number and value of bicycle exports have achieved positive year-on-year growth for five consecutive months. According to relevant data from Alibaba International Station, the number of orders in the bicycle industry in October increased by 220% year-on-year.

As the world's largest toy exporter, China's toy exports also welcomed good news in the second half of the year. The sales volume of xx xxx toy factory started to pick up in July. Since July, the four-month sales volume has more than doubled from the first half of the year. It is expected that the sales volume in the fourth quarter of this year may reach three times that of the first half. According to data from the China Toys and Baby Products Association, traditional toys exported US$3.54 billion in July, an increase of 21.2% year-on-year; in August they achieved exports of US$3.94 billion, an increase of 2.6% year-on-year; in September they achieved exports of US$4.11 billion, an increase of 7.9% year-on-year.

Nurse teddy bear stuffed toy

Textile and Apparel
The latest data released by the Consumer Goods Industry Department of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology shows that from January to November this year, my country’s textile and apparel exports reached US$265.2 billion, a year-on-year increase of 9.9%.

Clothing polo shirt

Electronics, Medical
Bai Ming, deputy director of the International Market Research Institute of the Ministry of Commerce, said that since this year, my country's exports in the fields of electronics, textiles, and medical care have maintained rapid growth. Bai Ming believes that in the context of the impact of the epidemic on the industrial chains of other countries, many foreign trade orders have been transferred to China, which has also won the development opportunities for Chinese foreign trade enterprises. An electronics factory in Dongguan is a manufacturer of electronic components. 70% of the company's orders are exported to European and American markets. According to the deputy general manager of the factory, since the beginning of this year, due to the impact of the epidemic, there has been a strong demand for 3C electronic products, and orders from electronics companies have generally increased.A hardware manufacturer is a metal parts processing company that specializes in springs. According to the person in charge of the company’s brand business department, since this year, the company has seen a downward trend in orders for traditional products in the fields of household appliances, and accessories for the medical and personal hygiene fields. Products, export orders have increased significantly. "This year, the order growth of our emerging business is expected to be around 30%. The order growth of the emerging business has made up for the loss of the decline in orders for traditional products."

Spicy Strips
CCTV news on December 2 that Chinese cuisine has always been praised by the world. In recent years, with the continuous development of industries such as culture and logistics, Chinese snacks have also become a new favorite of overseas consumers. Take spicy strips as an example, exports have continued to grow in recent years. According to relevant platform data, in the second half of 2020, the export value of spicy noodles increased by over 120% year-on-year, and they were exported to 160 countries. The countries that bought the most spicy noodles overseas were Japan, Singapore, South Korea, and the United States.

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Accompanied by the "explosive orders" of exports is the "difficulties in recruiting workers." The demand for labor in factories has increased, but the number and speed of return of personnel have continued to be low. Many foreign trade processing companies in coastal areas such as Guangdong and Zhejiang are unable to complete the skyrocketing overseas orders. Please pay attention to the relevant impact.
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